Zagún – North

Zagún is like eating at your aunt’s house, if your aunt were a traditional Ecuadorian woman accompanied by a chef graduated from the Cordon Blue. The style is cozy and warm, the recipes are all hers, and truly ecua… They have options like caldo de patas (cow feet soup), guatita (cow stomach), mote con chicharrón (pork and bean like things), bonitísimas (not sure what they are but I actually really like them), empanadas: verde (green plantain), morocho (meat) and mejido (cheese and honey), and much more! So if you wanna go on full ecua mode… This is your place!

The name comes from the word zaguán, which back in the day were small entrances where you greet guests. And this place’s zaguán is really special. You have a bunch of beautiful orchids, all different colours and sizes, and other plants that give such a nice smell to the place… The restaurant is very big with different areas, like the bar, tables underneath a glass roof, regular tables, a living room-like space and a table in the garden. All the waiters were extremely sweet (and fast). So it was an overall good experience.

Address: Guanguiltagua N37-139 & Arosemena Tola

Parking: Yes


Opening times: Wednesday to Sunday 12:00 – 22:30

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