Amatea Tea Shop

Conveniently located in two main malls, Amatea Tea Shop is the ideal place to stop by for a cup of tea or grab some to go. You can also buy the loose leaves and all the gadgets needed to recreate them at home. They have over 85 different blends, which include white, green, black, oolong, pu-erh and rooibos tea, infusions and ayurvedic options. They also have some sweet treats that go perfectly with them. And my favourite thing there: hierbabuena syrup (I think the translation is peppermint) that you can add it to your cold drinks to make them sweeter and refreshing. This is one of the very few shops where you can get matcha tea. I love their cold version, and you can also buy the powder, which can be used for drinks or baking.

This place is also amazing for gifts. I never know what to give, and always leave it to the last minute, so this is my new go-to place. Depending on your price range, you can get from loose tealeaves and a nice cup, to some impressive Japanese pots. Tea can be purchased in bags or really pretty metallic boxes. You can find all types of infusers, cups, cups with fusers, pots (English style, modern and Japanese) and also pre-made gift baskets.

Address: Scala Shopping / Quicentro Shopping / Cumbaya Calle Chimborazo 700 and Pampite

Parking: Yes


Opening times: Monday to Sunday 9:30-21:0

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