Poliburger – Floresta

If you love burgers, you have to go eat the well-known poliburgers at Carbanero. They are cheap and tasty; probably one of the few burgers in Quito where you can add some fries, not chips, fries… Besides bread, they come with meat, cheese, vegetables and all the sauces you like. They are served in a plastic bag because of how juicy they are.

There’s always a long line, but they prepare them on the spot, allowing you to choose how you want it. If you don’t like eating in the street, inside they have some chairs and tables.

The menu includes the simple burger, complete burger that comes with meat, cheese and a fried egg, mixed burger, double burger, which as the name describes comes with double meat, full mixed hamburger that comes with meat, cheese, egg and sausage, cheese burger, and hamburger egg. You can also get some fries, salchipapas (fries with sausage), papi-meat, mixed-daddy, complete fries, sodas and waters (these are all the exact translations haha, not sure what they all are)

Address: Alfredo Mena Camaño (Entrance to the National Polytechnic University)

Parking: on the street

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