Marriott Hotel

Every Sunday at the Marriott you can find the biggest brunch buffet in Quito. Making it the perfect place for big groups (there is something for everyone’s taste) or for those people that can eat for two, or three… (I know my family is filled with people that can eat for hours) For little ones you can find a station with special treats for them, like chocolate covered apples, cupcakes, gummy bears, etc, and a friendly woman that gives them balloons and paints their faces…

It’s also an ideal spot for sunny days as you can eat by the pool, next to a BBQ station, where the chef cooks your meat of choice to your desired level. You can also sit inside and enjoy some live music. Food-wise, they have a cold stations, with sushi, salads (even octopus salad), veggies and ceviche. A hot station with paella, pork, shrimp with coconut, soups and skewers made on the spot. Smoothie lovers can rejoice as they can build their own drink, if you have a sweet tooth there are plenty of desserts and of course, a bread station with all your staples.

The mood is very chill, the windows allow the sun to enter the room making it bright and cheerful. There are all types of people, from Ecuadorian families to foreigners, all enjoying a great Sunday.

Address: Avenida Orellana 1172 y Avenida Amazonas

Parking: Yes


Opening times: Sundays 12:00-15:30

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