Laboratorio diseño/gastronomia

 As the name describes it, this place is a true culinary lab. Where chefs get to do a residence in this restaurant and bring their own concept. They all earn through sales, and the total duration always varies. What you can expect is delicious and creative food, in an industrial style space. I love places with open kitchens, it’s great to see the chefs in action, and that is exactly what you get here. Plus, the staff is really friendly and has a great vibe! 

For the next three months the concept is Mantarraya, by chef Milena Díaz. It is such a great project! Not only is her food amazing, but also they are promoting the economy of areas affected by the earthquake. The food style is fusion Pacific, with amazing options like bolon de verde with Portobello mushrooms, sirloin with coffee and rosemary, cassava and shrimp rolls, ceviches, langostino tacos (really big shrimp) with mole and more…

All their products are organic and bought from Portete and Boca del Río. They also did a cooking contest to select a winner to work in Laboratorio’s kitchen; she will stay here for the whole three months of Mantarraya. Finally, they are selling beautiful bowls and cutlery made in these towns, which are also being used in the restaurant.

I highly recommend this place! Perfect for lunch, dinner and weekend brunch. If you go there, ask the staff for a parking ticket (it is in zona azul, but they provide tickets so you don’t have to pay).

Address: Lizardo García between12 de Octubre and Tamayo

Parking: Zona azul


Opening times: Wednesday to Friday 12:00-16:00 and 18:30-22:00, Saturdays 10:30-16:30

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