La Petite Patisserie

As the name describes it, La Petite Patisserie is a French-style bakery, where you can have a cup of tea with delicious sweets. They also have breakfast and lunch, all in the same style with fresh, high quality and mostly local products.

If you like macaroons, this is your place, as you will be delighted with the wide range of flavours they offer. They are delicate and sweet, perfect to be enjoyed with a cup of tea or the ideal gift for pretty much anyone… The shop is very flamboyant, with purple walls and white furniture. The food display is an explosion of colours and shapes. You can find chocolate, cookies and pastries like fruit tarts, eclairs, cheesecakes, mousse, etc…

There are also savoury options like salads, sandwiches, quiche and more. You can also start your day there with their French breakfast that includes option like croquet madame or a croissant.

Address: Shyris y Portugal (corner) / Gonzalez Suarez / Paseo San Francisco

Parking: On the street


Opening times: Monday to Saturday, 8:00-21:00 and Sundays 8:00-20:0

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