La Casa de Rafa – Tumbaco

Casa de Rafa’s rustic house next to Pachamama School is the ideal place for weekend brunch. It is located in a quiet a beautiful house that transports you to Switzerland, with stunning wooden walls and surrounded by mountains. You have a delicious buffet that has a selection of breads (they even have gluten free and yeast free options), toppings like nutella, nata, peanut butter, jam, etc. Obviously hams and cheeses, a very good fruit and cereal bar with yogurt or milk, plus bircher muesli, which is absolutely delicious. For drinks there is orange juice, strawberry/blackberry juice and all types of coffee. You also get perfectly cooked eggs, however it is you want them – scrambled, fried, with bacon, omelet, etc – you just can’t go wrong here…

There are different areas in this place. So depending on your group you can choose from really chill areas, to open ones right next to some games, making it perfect for families or just among friends. Just make sure to make a reservation in advance, so you can choose where to sit and also to be certain it’s not full….

Another unique aspect about this place is their cave!!! Opened just for lunch, this hand-made cave is a place where you can eat in complete darkness, learning how to use all the senses to enjoy your meal to the fullest. The waiters are blind and will guide you through the process (even if you freak out which tends to happen). Don’t expect your eyes to adjust or anything, as you will never get to see anything, they even make you leave your watch and cellphone in a locker… The waiters recognize the food by the shape of the plate. You can eat with or without silverware, I mean, no one’s watching so you might as well get your hands dirty… You can even get a surprise dish, so you won’t even know what you are getting!!! :O So excited to try this soon….

Address: San José de Rumihuayco, next to Pachamama School

Parking: Yes


Opening times: Saturday and Sunday 10:00-17:00

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