La Bodega – Cumbaya

La Bodega is a place full of spirit that just opened in the corner of the Cumbaya Park. This is a lively area filled with restaurants and bars, and this amazing beer hub is among the new really nice places that have recently emerged.

On top of a great abundance of craft beer—they carry over 50 different beers—it is an eclectic bar with a lot of spirit. As soon as you enter you know beer is king. They truly celebrate beer through their decoration (with bottles, posters and quotes about beer) as well as their menu. They have so many brands it’s really hard to choose which one to order.

You can find people of all ages in different moods as it has several very unique rooms. It is a great place for sports, as there are huge flat screens all around. They have a wide variety of food and drinks (even gins). And the crowd there is always very positive. Make sure to check their Facebook as they have offers pretty much daily (3×2 in gins, 18 wings for 12, all you can drink, etc).

Address: Manabí 415 y García Moreno

Parking: on the street


Opening times: Tuesday to Saturday 17:00 – 3:00

Price range: $10-15

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