This coffee shop is usually pretty full and for a good reason: they have delicious coffee! Their baristas are at the top of their game and it shows. To order your coffee they first explain you and let you smell their different types, and depending on the one you choose, they recommend the style that goes best with it (filtered, espresso, cappuccino). You can also buy the ground coffee beans to go. Service is really good in general, and the energy of the place is very vibrant!

Decoration is also very special… Next time you go, check out the pictures on their wall, which reflect coffee’s history. It starts of at the country where it all began (you gotta go to see where!), then Kaldi’s legend. A story about a man who one day discovered that his goats would get crazy energetic and dance like no one’s watching when they ate a special fruit (coffee, duh). He started collecting them and told the story to the local monks, who made their own drink from them… The next picture focused on the dates when coffee was discovered in each region, and the final photos are current times…

They also have a barista school, where you cannot only learn how to make the perfect coffee, but also harvesting, post-harvesting, drying processes and more… Plus, if you have an event, they have catering…

Address: Francisco Salazar E10-37 y José Tamayo

Parking: In the street


Opening times: Monday to Friday 10:00-20:00 and Saturdays 14:00-20:00

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