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Sun is out and days are getting hotter and hotter… And the best remedy to cool off is some delicious, refreshing ice cream! Here we have our top five places for ice cream; we included very different options regarding flavours and style. Let me know if you have been to any of these and click on the name for more info on the place!

You can’t have an ice cream list without including Corfú. They are the true classic, consistently serving amazing products in great locations. They have regular ice cream, paila (fruit sorbet) and now popsicles!! All made with natural ingredients and the most delicious flavor combinations!

Cheerful and cute, La Paleteria by Alex is the place to go to for popsicles!! They have the best flavor combinations, like coconut lemonade, strawberry kiwi, pink lemonade and of course, nutella… Plus, the have popsicles for dogs!!!

Imagine all Ecuadorian typical flavors turned into ice cream…  Well that’s what you get at Helados Dulce Placer. Where options range from caña manabita to humitas with coffee. Located in the beautiful Ronda street and also in their own mini food truck!

Speaking about typical Ecuadorian, the historical centre of Quito is known for its helados de paila (fruit sorbets made in a copper bowl), and everyone has his or her favourite place. But at the restaurant of Hotel Plaza Grande, you get yours served by a Cucurucho! It’s a true experience

And last but not least, a dark and boozy option, a place for Star Wars lovers! If you are a super fan, you will love this place, as Helado Oscuro (helado = el lado: it’s a word play on “the dark side”) has themed flavours (most of them with alcohol), centerpieces and decorations of the movie. And they also have fried ice cream!

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