Hotel Plaza Grande

The historical center of Quito is known for its helados de paila (fruit sorbets made in a copper bowl), and everyone has his or her favourite place. But if you are looking for a true experience, then you have to order the ice cream at the restaurant of Hotel Plaza Grande. This is a regular restaurant, but when you order ice cream everything changes. First the lights go off and the music changes to the sound of bells. A cucurucho (purple religious figure that sort of looks like something not so positive) appears with your ice cream serves on a mini paila inside a bowl filled with smoke. He is kind to stay for picture, the music changes to a very random typical song from Quito and everything goes back to normal.

You have all types of flavours, traditional options like chocolate and blackberry, more exotic ones like taxo and naranjilla (no translations for these fruit sorry) and the house specials, like ají (spicy), roses, ginger, verbena and figs with cheese! All served with blackberry syrup and a merengue on top. They are over the top expensive, but it is a great experience.

Address: García Moreno N5-16, at the Plaza Grande

Parking: No

Opening times: Monday to Sunday from 6:30 am to 23:00


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