FjordCaféen – North

My obsession with coffee started with my old roommate and barista extraordinaire John Dahl, a Norwegian man. His country is among the highest coffee consumer per capita and also known for great quality. So it is no surprise that as soon as I saw the Norwegian flag outside of this café, I knew I had to go inside. And it was a great surprise as they have delicious coffee made in the method you choose, whether that is on their machine, aeropress, French press, even Japanese siphon! They also have hot chocolate and craft beer. Food-wise, they have a great variety of pastries and breads, such as cinnamon rolls (skillingsboller), very typical in Scandinavia! Plus you can try to pronounce the food in Norwegian as the food sign are in two languages.

It has a really chill atmosphere, perfect for working on your laptop or getting together with some friends.

Address: Av. La Coruña y Valladolid

Parking: In the street


Opening times: Monday to Friday 09:30-21:30 and Saturdays 14:00-22:00

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