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Gone are the days we craved KFC, as chicken wings have been taken to a whole new level now! Here we have our 5 favourite chicken wings restaurants, each with its own spin, but all giving bold, new, amazing flavours. Because this iconic dish is not just the best beer food, it’s finger licking, good to the bone, deliciousness!

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Alitas Benditas has amazing wings: crispy on the outside, meaty on the inside and bathed on the most delicious spicy sauce. Perfect to pair with craft beer and fries on the side, in a chill and cozy atmosphere.

At The Rib Co. you will be thankful for the dark interiors, as you will want to be licking your fingers judgment-free. This meat-centric restaurant has amazing wings with sauces like Jack Daniel’s, BBQ, atomic bomb and more.

Alitas Cadillac (and Max’s by Cadillac) is the biggest chain in chicken wings and we are loving it! With American style wings, refreshing beer, an energetic crowd and a really cool vibe.

Chili Wings Lounge is THE place for spicy wings lovers… They hay 5 different options of craft sauces (own recipe), and most of them are muy caliente! But my favorite part of this place: K A R A O K E

Zoko is the artsiest of the group, with really colorful and creative interiors. A place to enjoy your wings with a delicious cocktail, and the occasional live band.

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