Cherusker – Mariscal

Cherusker is a lively, unpretentious bar serving German-style craft beer in the center of the Mariscal area (aka party district). It is a proper bar so you can order cocktails, shots and even get your beer in a “jirafa” (giraffe), which is a really tall beer dispenser. It has a very big food menu, German inspired of course, with a couple of vegetarian options.

This is a place where you will find a mix of locals and tourists (like most places in this area), and the atmosphere changes per room. As it is located in a two-floor house, depending on the room you are in you can expect something different. The first floor is very busy, with several screens to watch sports, couches that fit several people to lounge in and several tables right next to each other. The second floor is divided by smaller rooms so it’s much more chill, also the tables are smaller (most of them are barrels), making it better for smaller groups. Finally, you can sit on the second floor’s window where you can watch all the amazing people passing by (as you never know what to expect in the Mariscal).

*Important: don’t forget to bring your ID with you (or passport copy), without it you will not be allowed in.

Address: Joaquín Pinto E7-85 y Diego de Almagro

Parking: on the streets around, but get there early, it’s a super busy area


Opening times: Monday 16:00 – 0:00, Tuesday to Wednesday 12:00 – 0:00, Thursday to Saturday 12:00 – 2:00

Price range: $10-15

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