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If you wanna earn some ecua-points, you need to eat at a “hueca”, a tiny and cheap restaurant that will never do advertising, but is always full thanks to word of mouth… Here we have our favourite places, tag us on Facebook or Instagram if you check them out

If you are in the historic center, don’t miss jugos de la Sucre, 100% natural and rich… They have juices and smoothies made on the spot with regular fruits such as tangerine, naranjilla and orange, plus specials like carrot, alfalfa and taxo, or mega exotic as borojó, avocado and noni. You can even request special mixes according to a specific health problem

If you love burgers, the cheap type with a million toppings, try the poliburger at Carbonero. They are heaven when you are drunk and handy for hang over days. You can also add some fries IN them! They come with meat, cheese, vegetables, all the sauces, even sausage and egg.

Quito is known for its fritada, and Las Papas de Rosita de la Mañosca serves a delicious option!! The food is prepared at the entrance; inside there are the typical chairs and wooden tables. The dishes come with fritada, potatoes and roasted corn. With of course their tasty and spicey ají

The tripa mishqui (don’t ask what it is) at La Prensa is juicy, when well done it’s even crispy on the outside… And it’s served with potatoes or mote, aji and the never-missing glass of soda (the best option is blackberry Orangine). It’s really a hueca, with no signs to locate it, so just ask.

If you feel unsure about eating at a hueca, then start at Los Sanduches de Don Soto. A sandwich place that started in 1939! They serve regular sandwiches made with a baguette, but known for their special sauce, named obviously, Don Soto’s sauce.

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