The Red Rooster

Meat lovers rejoice, there’s a new restaurant in town ready to make you fall in love with their plates… Their specialty is the Angus grilled cut, which is dry aged for 21 days, making your meat melt in your mouth. They also have rib eye, New York strip and filet, all served with butter and delicious sides. On top of that, they have a wide selection of seafood, chicken and salads. If you have a sweet tooth, you can get red velvet cake, key lime pie, Mississippi mud pie and banana/pineapple spiced cake. American style to the fullest!

As we went to the opening we tried little bites of everything (everything was very good) and their drinks. As they have good whiskey, a ton of cocktails and a wide wine selection.

The mood is very nice; there are a lot of rooms, each with its own style. Some perfect to dine, others for cocktails and even a room that can be closed for private events. There is a foosball table, pool table and plenty of screens.

We’ll add more pictures next week as we were only there for the opening. But can’t wait to have a full plate of their food…

Address: Paul Rivet N33-99 and José Ortón (next to Zinc)

Parking: on the street


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