Kacau Chocolates

Chocolate and art

Whereas a couple of years ago the only Ecuadorian chocolate was Manicho, now the market is crowded with new brands. But few can distinguish themselves as Kacau chocolate.

Every bar comes in specially designed boxes, each one being a zoomed in image of an animal painting. Kacau has captured the attention of design and food lovers alike, with their blends that include flavours like coffee, cardamom and mole; guayusa, orange and golden berries; roses, Jamaica, Andean blueberry and pecans; etc. The paintings are from the local artist Daniela Arboleda, who beautifully played with color and adding elements from the chocolates in the design (like bananas, lemons, cacao).

These are true design bars. And what’s inside does not disappoint. The base is always the same: 70% cacao. The other ingredients and carefully added (by hand), so not only do they look beautiful, but also there is always a perfect balance between flavours, allowing you to discover a new taste in your mouth.

Eating these chocolates is a true experience. If you try the aji flavour you will sense the spiciness on your tongue, while if you try the ginger one, you will feel the hotness on your throat. It is very noticeable that one of the owners is a chef, as he experiments with bold new flavours unlike other bars that can be found.

These bars are sold in the Netherlands and the US, but can also be found in Quito! In one of my favourite stores: Superfoods (Cumbaya)

More info: http://www.kacauchocolates.com/

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