Lucía Coffee Shop – Cumbaya

If you are missing true American food, then you will love this new café that opened in Paseo San Francisco (Cumbaya), Lucia Coffee Shop, part of the Lucia Pie House & Grill chain.

My ultimate favourite human being is Martha Stewart… And if she gives her approval stamp to anything, you know it’s good hahaha… So that means I’ve been going here a lot and was really excited that they opened a new place with a completely different menu. Plus, prices are really good.

They have American breakfast classics like waffles, french toast and pancakes with a wide selection of topping. If you’re more into savory, there are omelettes, huevos rancheros (Mexican-style eggs) and corn beef hash. Lunch wise, there are a ton of sandwiches like philly cheese steak, pulled pork, tuna melt and grilled cheese. There are also salads (more my style) like tex mex, pasta salad, with chicken, oriental even quinoa with avocado! You can also get here fries and “tornados”, which are the spiral deep fried vegetables, like regular potato, camote (purple sweet potato) zucchini and more, with unique sauces to go with.

Drink-wise there is obviously coffee, fruit shake, sugar free shakes (we had the coffee and almond and were pretty happy with them), regular drinks and of course beer. If you are in the mood for something sweet there’s ice cream, a huge selection of cookies, muffins, brownies and more (I’m I the only one who loves brownies with beers?)

The place is really nice; you have a big board to leave a message, hammocks and regular tables. If you go please tag us on your pictures!!! We have Facebook and Instagram 🙂

Address: Av. Interoceánica and Francisco de Orellana -corner

Parking: Yes


Opening times: Monday to Sunday 9:00-22:00

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