Don Soto’s Sandwiches

Don Soto’s sandwiches are the most “in” hueca we visited. They have three different spots; we went to the one at República del Salvador and Suiza. They opened in 1939 and claim they were the first sandwich place in Quito. The store is very tiny and they serve you right away. It’s the Quiteño-less option-version of Subway.

All of their sandwiches come with their classic Don Soto’s sauce, which is very tasty (don’t know the ingredients). I had the traditional one that comes with ham, tomato and the sauce. You can also get the special one that on top of the previously mentioned ingredients has salami and onions. There are also “pernil”, turkey and vegetarian sandwiches; the last one comes with dutch cheese, don soto’s sauce, tomato, onions and mushrooms.

You can have them with the traditional soda in tiny plastic glass (again, the best most ecua one is orangine blackberry flavour). Size-wise (wink wink) there’s a triple 15 cm sandwich, family one of 30 cm and if you can take even more in (sorry, just had to) get the “molde”, which is 65 cm!

Address: Av. 10 de agosto y Portoviejo / República del Salvador 296 y Suiza (Montelimar II building) / Chimborazo y Francisco de Orellana (Cumbayá)

Parking: in the street (zona Azul)


Opening times: Monday to Friday 08:30-08:00 pm and Satudays 9:00-17:00

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