Tripa Mishqui – La Prensa

When you look at a place with a lot of smoke and a particular smell, you have arrived in this hueca. Where you can eat some tripa mishqui, internationally known as chitterlings. In Quito you have several options, Floresta is closed now (for remodelling the park), but the Prensa is still running.

The place is really a hueca, with no signs that show you where it is, but if you ask, they will all know where it is. You can eat at their long tables with benches. The tripa mishqui is juicy and comes with potatoes or with mote, obviously with delicious aji and the never-missing soda glass (in a plastic glass), the best on is blackberry Orangine. They are made on a grill and well seasoned. If you are not to keen to try them, you can also have some skewers or roasted corn, broth 31 (have no idea what that is), morochos and empanadas.

Address: La Prensa and Florida

Parking: no

Opening times: Monday to Sunday 16:00-22:00

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