Tippytea is growing fast and for a good reason: they have amazing tea and know how to use it! Made with high quality artisanal products, they serve over 50 varieties of tea, all natural, mostly local. You can drink them hot, cold or made into a frappe. They also have 3 types of lattes: matcha, chai and roses, made with regular milk, almond milk or even chocho milk! I know this doesn’t sound very tasty, but I tried it and loved it!!! I had the chai tea that is amazing and didn’t notice a difference in taste, plus I didn’t feel bloated afterwards, which always happens with regular milk… All options have really bold and delicious flavours, which is why they also sell their products to other stores.

This is also a place with a young crowd, making it very cheerful and fun. Maybe also because their menu includes Tippytonics… Which are gin and tonics infused with tea instead of lemon or cucumber. They are delicious and refreshing, a great new way of enjoying tea in the afternoon… Non-tea options are lemonades; there is one with roses and a magical lavender one (changes color when they pour it). Finally, all your drinks can be topped with “bubbles”, not the traditional tapioca ones, but these different flavoured balls filled with liquid that bursts in your mouth. I had them in my gin and they gave a great sweet contrast to the bitterness of the gin.

Food-wise they have sandwiches, salads and desserts. There are 5 dressing to choose from, all infused in tea. Their sweet products are great, ranging from desserts in a jar (cheesecake, lemon pie) to Ecuadorian style stroopwaffels.

At every stage there’s a new surprise, making it a very unique experience. They sell loose tea as well as all the accessories you could possibly need for this ritual. And you can also find their brand in Supermaxi.

Address: Mall El Jardín, nivel1 / Suecia y Finlandia (HE Parc) / Cumbaya: Centro Plaza Mall / Cumbaya: Interoceánica y Pampite inside El Español

Parking: On the street

Website: http://www.tippyteablends.com/

Opening times: Monday to Sunday 9:00-22:0

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