Quito has theatre

Part of the programming of VAQ (Quito’s summer arts festival) is “Quito has theatre”: an ode to theatre madness, artistic freedom and independent thinking. It is three weeks long, with 34 plays, in 13 different theatres and a tent in the Itchimbia Park. Showcasing that Quito is buzzing with musicians, street artists, actors, dancers, set designers and more.

The VAQ’s theatre committee (ANAE, ASOESCENA, RED), through an open call, selected special plays that exhibit the diversity and mobility of the various Ecuadorian theatre groups. With this, VAQ seeks to promote talent and experimentation; by creating a platform where the audience can not only see new theatre, dance and artistic plays, but also get acquainted with all the city’s available spaces.

If you don’t speak Spanish I recommend going to the dance performances as well as Cyrano de Bergerac, as it will be done in mime.

***Everything is free at this event, but you need to get there at least an hour earlier to ask for a ticket.

With so many performances, we asked the great actor and director Christoph Baumann to give us more information and recommend us some plays.

Christoph Baumann

Theatre is a party where all of life’s aspects are celebrated, all aspects of what we are as humans. It brings reflexion, laughter, fascination for crazy imagery, and many times, we leave theatre with new thoughts. We break our routine, something very good. The other part is celebrating summer. The other great occurrence is that people meet up. This happens in public space, in parks, theatres, in different types of places, and it is a great opportunity as the performing arts are collective arts that summon a collective. Not just for makers, but also the public. A lot of theatres have cafeterias, where you can stay and chat. It is getting to know new places, new people, because it’s all part of it. Getting to know Quito’s new facets.

  • 1822, Crónica subyugante de una Batalla: the group Rana Sabia tells in their own unique way the story of Pichincha’s battle
  • Cyrano de Bergerac: the very popular story of the ugly poet that send love letters to his loved one but on behalf of another man. She falls in love with the writer of the letters, not knowing that is Cyrano. As mentioned before, the play will be performed in mime
  • El Principito: the classical tale told through actors and puppets by the group El Retablillo Espada de Madera
  • El enemigo del Pueblo: is political/reflective theatre (directed and performed by Baumann) about Dr. Ayora, who discovers a dangerous bacteria in their water. He warns the authorities but ends up in political fight, of different economical interests and reputations
  • Consequentia Mirabilis: to finish it all off, on August 18th the group Ceibadanza from Manabi has their own dance performance. A great way to support this group from one of the most affected areas by the earthqueake

To read the festival’s complete timeline click here (in Spanish), and to read our post about this festival’s exhibitions and concerts click here.

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