Ocho y Medio – Floresta

This month ocho y medio turns 15!!!!

The iconic cinema, in the heart of Floresta is celebrating. They are renewing many aspects while maintaining its 35mm projector. There is a new cafeteria, improvements in communal areas and opening strong with their festival Eurocine.

The cafeteria is now managed by Café Río Intag, from Cotacachi. Not only is it really delicious, but also roasted on the spot, providing a delicious smell to the place and making the different aspects of coffee more visible.

The festival runs from September 22nd to October 15th, with the theme: «Journey to the country of invisible borders» (love the theme), with 55 film projects from various countries such as the Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, Hungary, Turkey, Switzerland, Sweden, Poland, Slovenia, Belgium, Iceland, Portugal and Spain.

The festival is divided into different sections:

1. Europa al día: recent movies that have been considered a success by the public or critics. For example:

The son of Saul (Hungary, 2015)

Loreak (Spain, 2014)

Victoria (Germany, 2015)

Brand new Testament (Belgium, 2015)

2. Memories: Classic movies, for this edition with a focus on film and music.

Cinema Paradiso (Italy, 1988)

The White Sheik (Italy, 1952)

The Umbrellas of Cherbourg (France, 1964)

3. Ramona: This section is for children, forming public for a new cinema

Finn (Netherlands, 2013)

Eighth graders don’t cry (Netherlands, 2012)

Refugio (Germany, 2015)

4. Maps: on displacement and strangeness of the unknown. A hot topic, especially in Europe

Father (Germany, 2014)

Horse Money (Portugal, 2014)

Le Havre (France / Finland, 2011)

5. In Focus: where the work of prominent directors is presented. In this case the films of Chantal Akerman and Jose Luis Guerin, who is in Quito for the festival giving talks.

Akerman, Belgium, 1993

Guerin, Spain, 2001

And… As it is their anniversary, there is a special price of $4 per function, or $20 for unlimited access to all their festival projections. For the complete schedule and more information click here: http://eurocineecuador.com/

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