Maharani Tea Boutique

Maharani Tea Boutique is a small cozy tearoom with an Indian twist. They have Indian teas flavoured with Ecuadorian products, such as dried fruit. The main options that they have are black tea, roiboos, and green tea. As well as some special options like chai, tea with roses, green tea champagne, jasmine and fruits. As soon as you walk in you can see the Indian decorations and display of desserts. Then they show you the two boxes filled with small samples of their teas so you can smell and choose your favourite one. Tea is served either hot or cold, to be drank in store or to go. You can pair it with something to eat; they have both sweet and savoury options.

The owner (Gitty) bakes a wide range of desserts, like brownies, red velvet cookies and cakes. The cakes available are: apple with nuts and toffee, coconut and banana, chocolate, carrot, plum, orange and black berry, and a mejido pie (traditional Ecuadorian, usually used as an empanada filling). The savoury options are a chicken pie with filo dough and a spinach quiche.  As the place is small and private, it is a tearoom where you can drink and eat everything judgment free!

You can also buy tea per grams, as well as jars, diffusers and gifts.

Address: Av. Eloy Alfaro No. 2045 y Av 6 de Diciembre

Parking: Yes


Opening times: Monday to Friday 10:00-19:00 and Saturdays 10:00-17:0

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