Jugos de la Sucre – Centre

If you are in the Historic Center you cannot miss the rich and natural jugos de la Sucre (which unlike what the name says, are in the García Moreno street and not in Sucre street haha). It is a small place with very colourful tables. At the entrance you can see how they prepare all their juices from different flavours… The owner is very welcoming (Ms. Nancy), super friendly and service is really fast.

They have all the fruit juices you can imagine, both regular and smoothies. You can choose what they have, so you can even make your own mixtures #fancy. You can choose from: tangerine, naranjilla (no translation, sorry), orange, carrot, alfalfa, passion fruit, taxo, blackberry, papaya, tomato, strawberry, mango, melon, guava, guanabana (also no translation that I know), watermelon, grapefruit and banana.

If you are feeling exotic, then you can ask for borojó, avocado (makes it super creamy) and noni. And if you have any health problems, they hace special combinations for flu, gastritis, indigestion, kidney, liver, even for improving your memory!! You can accompany them with sandwiches, quesadillas, empanadas, camote bread or toast.

Address: Garcia Moreno N2-54 and Sucre

Parking: No

Opening times: Monday to Saturday 8:00-18:00 and Sundays from 8:00-14:00 pm

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