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As a former barista, I am always looking for a good café, which is why I was so excited to discover these amazing coffee spots!! These places will exceed all your expectations. They have great service, incredible coffee and their own character. So go, drink and enjoy! And if you do, please tag us in your pictures letting us know about your coffee moment…

To read our blog post about the coffee movement in Quito click here, and to read more about each place click on the name or picture.

Traviesa is coffee’s mecca. From the moment you walk in you see their impressive roaster, their custom-made coffee machine, the delicious desserts and a really chill mood.

Isveglio is another great place, with well-trained baristas serving perfectly made coffee every time you go there. They even have a barista school for you to test your skills! 😉

La Floresta is full of amazing coffee shops; Botánica is definitely one of the best! They have great baristas serving you a wide variety of coffees, which can be made with regular, almond or soymilk.


Both of Jervis locations serve consistently good coffee, with a long menu that includes coffee with ice cream and smoked coffee: a macchiato infused with rosemary’s smoke

FjordCaféen shows why Norway is one of the countries with highest coffee consumption per capita; serving well made coffee in your favourite method. If you have never tried French press, aero press or filtered, you have to go.

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