Alitas Cadillac

Alitas Cadillac and Max’s by Cadillac is a huge chicken wings chain with 16 restaurants in total. They give this amazing bar food the classical American treatment, with a huge variety of sauces, refreshing beer, an energetic crowd and a really cool vibe.

The difference between the two is that Max’s by Cadillac is more like a bar and the other one a proper restaurant. And as bar is what I love, my favourite spot is in Mariscal (La niña and Reina Victoria), down the street of Burger King. This place has a really retro/beachy vibe, as it’s out in the open, with sand in some areas, a bar in the middle and decorated with a ton of motorcycles and cars. It has two environments, the open one, and a more closed area with bright red walls and screens constantly playing sports channels. They give a whole new meaning to a bucket of chicken, as you can get your favourite wings with a bucket of Budweiser. A great place to start your weekend!

Address: 14 Cadillac restaurants and 2 Max’s in Quito and Cumbaya

Parking: On the street


Opening times: depends on which one

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